CSH/Lloyd Harbor


Saturday – January 27th &
Sunday – January 28th
9 – 4 PM  Both Days

Cold Spring Harbor/Lloyd Harbor, NY 11724

Terms: Cash & Credit Cards for Sales over $100
Numbers Policy: We honor Our Sign-up Sheet. 
Starting at 6:30 AM, NOT before Please,
Early Bird Customers can 
Sign-up for Entry
by Numerical Order. Use Our Sign-Up Sheet 

that will be Placed in the Mailbox. 

What a House!
Filled with Elegant Quality
in a Light, Airy Atmosphere. 

Many Pictures Available…Very Soon.
In the Meantime,
this Kohler & Campbell Baby Grand Piano
is Available Before We Open the Doors.  
Fabulous Condition with a Player Disc.
If Interested, Call 516-695-6557.